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The Afikim Foundation has created, selected, and gleaned, a rich collection of vital Jewish texts and popular contemporary works. A range of everything that matters to you, Jewishly, from the foundational and the basic and well beyond.

Afikim has therefore created The Basic Jewish Bookshelf, a brilliantly creative collection designed to inspire and nurture the minds and hearts of thinking, caring, Jews—and their families. The Basic Jewish Bookshelf is the core Jewish book shelf with core Jewish ideas—to inspire you to the core.

The Basic Jewish Bookshelf has its rightful pride of place in every Jewish home. Because in our homes we discuss Jewish ideas. We learn and discover. We question, and we find answers. We think. We grow. We learn more.

The Basic Jewish Bookshelf as part of The Afikim Foundation’s Jewish Shelf Expression Series expresses the idea that the Jewish future has a future, right on your shelf.

(Picture is for illustration only. Actual books are listed below.)

The Bible / Tanach - Stone Edition, English, Mid Size, By Rabbi Nosson Scherman (ArtScroll)

Five Books of Moses / Chumash - Stone Edition, Full Size By Rabbi Nosson Scherman (ArtScroll)

The Expanded Hebrew English Siddur - Wasserman Edition, By Rabbi Nosson Scherman (ArtScroll)

The ArtScroll Haggadah Expanded, By Rabbi Joseph Elias (ArtScroll)

ArtScroll Tehillim / Psalms, By Rabbi Hillel Danziger (ArtScroll)

Visions of the Fathers / Pirkei Avos, By Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski (Shaar Press)

Simply Jewish, By Rabbi Reuven Epstein (K'hal Publishing)

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